Please dominate me…

I was agonizing over how to ask him.

I needed to be dominated.  I was fantasizing about it constantly.  Maybe a spanking would help me deal with the grief.  A good orgasm would get me out of my head.  I wanted to be tied up.  I wanted to be teased and tortured.

I texted him at work, “I’m horny.”  I should have mentioned what I wanted…


When he got home, I agonized over what to do. He was sweetly rubbing my back. I finally blurted it out… “Please blind fold and dominate me.”

He laughed a little.  He was probably nervous too.

He made me strip and wait.. I thought he might have changed his mind…

He put a blindfold on me.. while he pinched and rubbed and spanked me for answering questions wrong.  He fucked my mouth and pussy.  He used my plug.. and then made me cum hard…

I couldn’t stop smiling.. life was all rainbows and love…


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