I know there are people saying it.. but you are an intelligent human being…And you bought into the fear.. you chose hate over love…It started with news about rapes outside of refugee camps..

You Said…

Iraqis are shooting at our soldiers in Iraq.  Iraqis are bad. (Refugees are often refugees because they were on our side…)

How can you support muslims?  (Many refugees are refugees because they are not part of the mainstream religion in their country.. And furthermore, Christians kill too!)

Sometimes, people just come from a bad family line. You’ve said it yourself, when you said John had a bad grandma, and a bad mom, and now he’s always in trouble.  You can’t help some.  They are just too bad. (That’s all the more reason that we should help people who live in poverty and crime..because they may have never had a fair shot.)

How can I date someone who writes off a culture, a religion, and then a suffering child.  How will my children understand white privilege when they hear it from their father?


2 thoughts on “prejudice

  1. I’m no expert, but in my experience a couple doesn’t have to agree on everything. In fact, if you ultimately want your kids and make up their own minds (as opposed to blithely following the views of either parent), opposing viewpoints can useful.

    He can present his, you can present yours. You can explain that you differ on this point or that but still love each other. Give them the facts and get your kids to think for themselves. (In an age appropriate way.)

    And picture this: the two of you and your kids in a dialog about these topics. Back and forth, question and answer, point and counterpoint (your kids will have insightful questions for both of you). Who knows where that conversation could lead! 🙂

    – YF

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