I love when you talk

I love when you tell people about your kinky girlfriend.  I love being your slut.  I’m someone you want to brag about. That means a lot.  You take pride in my body, my sex drive, and yourself.   It turns me on to know that you are talking about me.. with your friends.. at work… You are thinking about us.  You are thinking about fucking me.. under the stars.. while watching porn.. in the woods..in dirty positions… more times than I can count..

But I have a wholesome profession and we live in a tiny town.  People trust me to be a model citizen.  They trust me to have high morals.  They trust me to keep my reputation sparkling.

And that’s where the fear sets in.  Your newest friend has connections to people in power, people near me, and people who could hurt me.

So the next time he asks,  forgive me for telling you to hide your appreciation.  Forgive me for telling you to devolve.  I know you love my body and my brain.  I know you want to tell the world that your girlfriend has morals and a sex drive.  Please forgive me when I tell you to lie.  In our society, women aren’t allowed to be respected while being slutty.


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