30 days of kink: Day 5

What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

My first kinky experience?  it’s hard to find a first.  I have been kinky for as long as I remember and it’s always been lurking on the edges of my sex life.

Maybe it was the time in the stairwell at 11? Somehow a boy from my Mom’s work and I decided to play in the stairwell.  He pressured me to make out.. then there was the hand job.. and I think a blow job..

Maybe it was all those clubs in Asia? I would get drunk, run away from my friends, and make out with whoever I wanted.  I would grind and even get fingered on the dance floor.

Maybe it was the Dom whose name I hardly remember that gave me the name “Mira”.  That was 2 years ago now?  I guess that is when this whole journey and this blog began.  He led me to camming.. which led me to my first real life Dom..

Maybe it was the first love who tied me up.

Or maybe it was the porn and online chats as a teen.  I loved the pressure the older men put on me to get naked.  I loved submitting to their attention and requests.


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