The new FL boy

This one, I met on Fetlife.  I know.  I shouldn’t be meeting boys on Fetlife.  We talked a lot.  I got scared and ran away.  We talked again.  I got serious about the switch boy that lives far away.  I fell in love, got my heart broken and got better.  We started talking again.  He’s really nice and not very scary.  We started texting and planned to meet up.  It’s been weeks now and we never do it.

Now there’s:

  1. The one I’m not enough for.. but am enough to fuck 5 times in one night
  2. City boy (or the switch in a far away land) who broke up, wants me back, and is sure I am the only one he’ll ever love
  3. The new FL boy.. who might be amazing but is probably just another small town boy
  4. The neighbor who keeps me his dirty little secret even though we never did anything

Life seems filled with too many people and none of them is what I want.  So I just keep settling and wondering why I try.

And then there’s the customers.. the only ones who are predictable.

If only I could spend my life as a cam girl.


One thought on “The new FL boy

  1. I was a ProDomme during a time when the men in my life were… less than stellar. You’re right about the customers. They’re predictable, and reliable, and dependable. You always know where you stand and what they want. There’s no guessing, no games, no emotional drama. They tell you what they want, you give it to them, both of you benefit. That was nice.

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