I have always been very careful.  The doors are double locked.  The music is always playing.  The windows are closed.  I don’t have many friends in this boring town.  So, I don’t have visitors.  I have had one close call in about two years and it wasn’t close.  I had been “napping” so I looked frazzled.

When I moved into this new house, I used the same precautions.  The doors, the windows, and the music.  But somehow, I made friends.. or at least I started to.

They lived across the street and stopped by when they were drunk.  They were drunk a lot.  There was a hot one with a girlfriend.  There was a sketchy one that I couldn’t trust.

It was the one I couldn’t trust that walked by the window that night.  I was in full view and naked.  A customer was telling me to spread my ass and then play with my boobs.  I heard him knock and hit the floor.  I crawled to my clothes.

I was shaking when I answered the door.  The truth came out.  I’m not good at secrets.  Then everyday, a bit more truth came out.

I wish it was the hot one.. but it’s hard to talk when he’s so sexy and unavailable.


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