Not Enough

On the day we met, I thought you were gorgeous.  You were funny, social, and caring. I wanted you then.

We messaged a ton and then went on a date.

You picked me up, paid, and drove me home.  After the date, I asked if you wanted to come in..

You didn’t come in and we kept talking.. Eventually, I got annoyed.  You were either a pussy or you didn’t like me.

Then we started texting again.  I couldn’t take it.

“Was that a date?  I’ve wondered for months.  Sorry.  Too blunt?”

“Wow.  I am glad we aren’t working together anymore.  I’m not sure either.”

“What did you intend?”

“Not sure.  Just hanging out.  Just have fun.”

“Oh okay.  Friends then?  I can do that.”

We went out for drinks again.. you tried to set me up with a friend.. I blew him.. I didn’t really like him though.

We went out for drinks again.  You were SHIT FACED!  And DOMINATE as hell.

You invited yourself over.  You put me on your lap.  You took off my shirt.  You brought me to the bedroom.

Twice, you mentioned how you didn’t want to date.

We played once… again.. again.. again.. and one more time in the morning.

Funny considering, you were just bitching about not being able to get a commitment out of a girl you fuck around with.

It’s the first time …in a long time…that I’ve felt like I’m not enough.

You want my body but I’m too slutty, or ugly, or something.. because I am not the type you date.


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