The Singer

I wasn’t at this event to pick anyone up.  There were no cute single guys and I was busy helping my mom with the drinks.  I wasn’t thinking about men.  Okay, I’m always thinking about men.  BUT no more than usual this night.  I was trying to focus on my mom and make sure she had everything.  I was restocking bathrooms, chatting up guests, and even giving a small toast.

But the singer was hot.  When I passed him a request he had lots of questions.  He complimented my toast and my dress.  I turned bright red as I retreated to my corner of the room and my mom.

As the party calmed down, I let myself have a drink and then another.  Before long we were skinny dipping and walking the roads from my childhood.  I was telling him about the old house and we were desperately trying to make out in a hammock.  As I walked down memory lane, he spoke about his hobbies that matched mine and his hopes of travel.

A half hour later, we were at his place.  He showed me to the bedroom and past his roommate.  He stripped off my dress and savored every inch of my body.  He took it painfully slow and I was quickly begging to be fucked.  We went for an hour until my mind was numb with a single mantra,

“I think this is the best vanilla sex I’ve ever had.”

I finally begged him to cum and we passed out.  In the morning, we had another round and took a shower together.  He bought me coffee and drove me back.

This one seemed perfect.  I asked him to hang out that night, but he had plans already.  When he was too busy for brunch, I left town.  He texted and I responded but, I’m not putting my heart on the line.

A girl can hope, but right now, I need less hopes and more reality.

So thank god I can get back to NiteFlirt!


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