Another night with the lawyer

I had sworn off hookups but he was amazing in bed.  I didn’t really like our conversations but maybe I was just being lazy.  I answered the door in my favorite pink thong with black bows.

I couldn’t look him in the eyes.  I was blushing and wet from waiting in my thong.  We made out with me naked and him clothed.  He grabbed my hair and pinched my ass.  Then he told me to get into the bedroom.

When I turned around, his clothes were off and he was pushing me down on the bed.  We were making out and he was fingering me.  I was soaking wet and begged him to fuck.  When I was on top, he held me hard and ground my clit into his pelvis.

When we finished, we talked for 20 minutes and then he left.  There wasn’t a date or a meal.  He hasn’t called since.

I guess this is my first fuck buddy.


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