Today a Niteflirt customer told me that I had changed his life for the better.  He said that my acceptance of his kink had helped him gain confidence in himself and feel a strong connection during a difficult time.  It meant a lot.  I debate whether this job is right sometimes.  I offer a service and love my job, but taking money from people who are so similar to myself feels a bit weird. His comment reminded me that my service is more than just sex.  I teach people to be proud of their kinky selves.

The customers comment about helping him grow also made me think about past relationships.  City boy recently said, “After dating you, I felt confident enough to go out into the world.  I felt attractive and like people would want me.”  It’s not exactly what you want to hear from your ex while trying to forget how much you loved him, but it was nice.

The ex before that?  The Catholic said that I had made him want to be a better person and that he was really grateful for that.

Maybe I should be wondering why people grow after they break up with me.  Maybe I should be frustrated that I can’t find the guy that grows by my side instead of after I leave.

But tonight, I just feel honored.


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