The lawyer

I had sworn off hook ups.  Hook ups are way too irritating.  They never give me what they want and my vibrator doesn’t get needy afterwards.   BUT, this was a date and dates were serious business.

We spent the date talking.  I couldn’t avoid the questions that led to Niteflirt.  Within an hour, he knew I was a cam girl.  He didn’t know I was submissive.  He wasn’t that cute and he wasn’t very confident.  He wasn’t funny.  There was no way we would date again.

He told me to show him my apartment.  As the door closed, he kissed me hard.  He pulled my hair and stripped off my shirt.  He told me to lay down on the couch.  The rest of my clothes were torn off.  I was already wet.  He twisted my nipples and choked me.  He pulled out a condom and told me to lay down on the bed. He fucked me in missionary, he spun me over to do it doggy.  He ground his pelvis against my clit while I bounced on top.  He thrust deep and spanked my ass until I came.

He shoved his dick in my mouth and made me swallow every drop.

Maybe I do like hook ups.


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