The bad boy

We had a week of training recently.  I helped lead.  There was a new staff.  Lets call him the bad boy.  The bad boy got into trouble 3 times.  He got pulled for a 1:1 conversation with the boss.  He claimed to be way too experienced for what they were teaching.  His attitude made me nervous, but something appealed to me.  Maybe it was simple. He wanted me and didn’t hide it.  He was generally a flirt.  I wasn’t the top of his list.  But it had been a month and I wanted to play.  We played and then we kept in touch.  We texted and called a few times.  The job was stressful and his support meant a lot.  Somewhere along the way he got fired.  We kept talking.  He doesn’t want a family.  He’s polyamorous.  He loves where he lives and lives far away.  Why am I playing with fire again?  Why do I find this one so interesting?


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