Hey babe, you’re up early.  Go make me some breakfast.

Not happening.

You’re so making me breakfast when you move in.

Just so we are clear, I will never make breakfast. Are you serious or joking?

Somewhat serious.  This is starting to bother me.

Me too.  What the heck?  Did you intend to start a fight this morning?

Absolutely not.  I was just joking but if I’m tired and hungry, you won’t make your man breakfast?

It would be very rare.  Are you going to be cooking dinner regularly?

I don’t cook.  Don’t ruin your day this early.

And that is when I got angry.  I guess maybe I had been angry already.  I told him that I am sick of being the reasonable one.  He pushed back.  I got more angry and listed the things I have compromised on.  I asked him to list where he had compromised.  His response,

You haven’t done anything.  What are you talking about? 

It’s not about breakfast.  It’s about compromise.  I’m compromising.  I like doing things for you because I like making you happy.

I come from a different world.  When a man is hungry, his woman cooks for him.  Sorry.  Maybe I’m not reasonable enough for you.  Maybe this won’t work.

I guess you’re right.  I guess you are looking for a girl that I’m not going to be.  Good luck in your search then.

I’m getting back to work.



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