A trickle.. and then a downpour

Today, I was hanging out with my great aunt.  My great aunt lost her husband a year ago.  We were talking about babies and the past.  She was smiling but not with her eyes.  When I asked about her life, she said, “I’m not ready to do much yet.”

She found the love of her life and did everything right.  They were powerful.  Well into their 80’s, they were the couple that patched your body and soul.  He left this world with the same strength.  Now, she has to live alone until death.  She’s not the same woman without him. It’s hard to imagine she will ever be done mourning.

We all end this life alone.  It starts as a trickle.  We loose one friend or two.  Then it’s a downpour. I wonder if I will be strong enough to leave this world alone.  I wonder if I will ever feel that I have done what I came here to do.


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