We said it

He said, “I’m falling for you.”

I explained that “falling” meant “falling in love”

He took it back.

I felt manipulated… again… I don’t play games.

I said I loved him and that he shouldn’t say it back…

He said it anyways…

I wonder if he feels manipulated…


3 thoughts on “We said it

  1. Some unsolicited advice…

    Relax. 🙂

    From what you’ve said this relationship is new, scary, exciting, scary, wonderful and scary.

    Every relationship has some speed bumps. Even the best ones.

    If this is right, if he is right, if you are right, then over the long haul, it won’t matter how you met, or who said “I love you” first.

    (Except, perhaps, as you two look at each other and share a secret smile at the memory.)

    What does matter is where you two end up…together.


    1. It’s hard to relax in all of this. I have never been one to relax or take things slow when emotions are involved. I feel like so much rides on my every decision and our long distance status makes things so much more difficult.

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