I just knew…

I dated a guy for 3 years when I was 18.  I liked him.  I willed myself to love him.  I waited to love him.  He was kind, accommodating, thoughtful, and boring as fuck.  I never loved him.  I dated another guy for a year and my best friend.  I had never been in love.  I thought it was me.  There was always something missing.

When I met my first love, it was quick.  In 8 hours, I knew I loved him.  No sordid details here.  We broke up.  My heart was broken for the first time. But more importantly, I knew that I could love someone.  There was another guy for 3 years.  There were a few for months and weeks.  I felt lust.  I felt respect.  I dated perfect guys.  They were gorgeous, sweet, and great in bed.  There was no love.

Just recently, I met someone that makes me feel different.  We are spending nights and days talking.  I remember the last time that I didn’t question.  I just knew…


3 thoughts on “I just knew…

  1. Love is such a complicated feeling I find, there seems to be so many levels. So happy that you have found someone you are happy with, gives each day a little something extra doesn’t it?

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