A text

I was beginning to believe the tension was in my head.  I had felt his hardness.  I had heard the heavy silences.  Was it really just a practice?

Then he texted and offered to practice one more time.  The season would start on Monday and it might be fun to work out one more time.  After 20 minutes, his shorts ripped.  He offered to play in his boxers.  When he pushed against me, I imagined him forcing me against the wall.  When his face buried in my neck, I couldn’t breathe.

It had been our longest practice ever.  Was this in my head?

He tackled, and I wrestled to get the ball.  He paused and thrust into me driving me into the ground.  He kissed me hard and then moved down my neck.  He ripped off my shirt and I pulled off his.  His abs were just as I had imagined. He kissed down my chest and slowly removed my panties.  Then his lips were on me.  He licked and kissed but I wanted to taste him too.  I squirmed underneath him.

I still couldn’t believe what we were doing.  Had I known all along?  Why couldn’t I focus? He was gorgeous. A condom appeared and then a bed.  I was on bottom and then on top.  We had the same favorite position.

He came and left.  The backyard furniture is in the wrong place.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t know he had been here.


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