You told me you wanted someone “normal”.  I guess that makes me abnormal.

I knew that.  Deep down, I know I’m not like most girls.

I know that finding a “normal” guy who wants to do crazy ass shit will be difficult… impossible…

It sucks.

Please don’t think that you get the credit for this depression.

I’ve always teetered on the edge.. ready to fall at a harsh word.

I haven’t felt this messed up in a while.

This hopeless.



3 thoughts on ““normal”

  1. Abnormal? Perhaps

    But as you said in your last (re)post: Who has lock on deciding what is normal and what is “ab”?

    I try to think in terms of “fit”. Do we “fit” together. Are we a good “fit”. No judgment, just an assessment of compatibility.

    And *yes* the more unique things you bring to the table, the more you are an individual and stray from societal norms, the harder it may be to find a fit…but that’s also what makes you you.

    Would you really want it any other way?

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