girl crush

I’m not sure if I liked them or I just wanted to be them.  Sara was the punk goddess of our school.  She created a book of organized chaos that exemplified our life in a way no words could.   She stole a lock of my hair and put it in there.  We got high together. I wanted to tell her.

There was the blonde lesbian.   She was probably the first lesbian I knew.  She was beautiful.  (She still is.) I wonder if she knew how much I liked her.  I wonder if she knows why I added her on Facebook after all these years.

There was a third… but there haven’t been many others since.  Not like them.  Not since high school.  I guess, there was the one in college.  We had that 3-sum… She had a flame in her.  But it wasn’t nearly as bright.

Those girls made me want them.. want to be them.. want to spend time with them.. want to learn everything about them..

Was it a faze?  Admiration?  Or am I in too small a town to meet the type of people that make your heart race…


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