A vanilla evening with the Catholic

He’s attractive.  He has a history of helping others and of sacrificing for the common good.  He is well traveled and educated.  He doesn’t mind getting dirty but cleans up well.  We talked for hours at the restaurant.  I wasn’t blown away but there was something just a bit different.  I felt like I could trust him.  I felt accepted.  But there was so much to tell.

He was raised Catholic.  He thinks prostitution takes away from the sanctity of a relationship.  Could any guy follow the path my life has taken?

When I told him I was submissive, he took control and talked dirty.

When I told him I was a cam girl, he asked questions.

When I asked what he was thinking, he responded honestly.

Can a girl who views sex as the great american past time find happiness in a guy who is willing to, “give it a try”?


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