Dance Teacher

It may not sound sexy.   But a young, well built, dance instructor who takes charge on the floor can be very hot!  After my experiences with my kickboxing teacher, I worked hard to keep my relationship with my attractive dance teacher professional.  I tried not to make eye contact inappropriately.  I hardly ever danced with him and worked mostly with other students.  I was polite.  He is married.  I thought about him.  Who wouldn’t?  He is hot and when he moves, you can’t think about much else.

Looking back on it, my avoiding eye contact might have looked very submissive.  My quiet demeanor when I was trying to be an obedient student without drawing attention might have drawn him more than I realized.

He texted me tonight.  He wanted to “confirm my emergency contact number”.  He wanted to make small talk about the holidays.  He asked about meeting up to practice over the weekend.  He mentioned that it might just be us.

I don’t know how to feel.  I LOVE the confidence boost of being hit on.  I am on cloud nine.  BUT, I am sick of being with people who I can’t stay with.  I don’t want to put in the work for a relationship with no future.  I have thought about how great he is and wished he were single but until he is, I don’t want to put myself through this again.


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