A beautiful hotel

It was a beautiful hotel.  The bath tub was big enough for 3 people.  The room was fancy.  The lobby served steak tar tar.  You bought it for me.  The people were nice everywhere we went.  The food was horrible.  I am not sure we had a good meal.  We always eat so well and I thought a big city would mean better food not worse.  We struck out everywhere.  I still feel sick when I think of it.  I woke up on Sunday morning feeling burnt out.  I felt like I needed to be home and alone.  There was so much to process and we had been together for 48 hours straight.  I am sorry I shut down.  I am sorry I am still shut down.  I want to love every minute of you being here but, I am not used to having other people around.  You are amazing and I will be back again soon.


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