It’s been a while

They say you don’t forget how to ride when you get off your bike.  You might not forget but, maybe you forget how much you loved it.  When you haven’t ridden in a while, you don’t think about it.  The need to race doesn’t keep you up at night.  Sunset doesn’t make you wish the glare was in your eyes and the wind in your hair.  You get used to the lazy life.  You don’t even miss it…

At first, I missed camming.  I missed the connections.  I missed how sexy I feel and how powerful.  I wanted to cam but I couldn’t have a moment alone.  Between work and visitors, being sexy wasn’t happening.  After a month, I didn’t miss it.  Maybe I had finished that phase in my life.  Maybe I wasn’t kinky.

I went on this past weekend.  I felt how powerful I feel when being submissive.  I remembered how much I love being exposed.  I saw the smiles, heard the genuine openness, and knew it wasn’t a phase.


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