Sick with Nerves?

I woke up this morning feeling nervous.  I dealt with the feelings head on.. by going back to sleep.  After a lot more sleep, I woke up again.  My stomach was upset and I was feeling totally unsettled.  I dealt really well this time and went on Facebook.

It’s been hours. I have stuff to get done but I don’t know what is making me feel so icky.  I am seeing a play partner tonight.  I like seeing him.  It’s fun and he is kind.  He pushes boundaries but I have never felt too bothered.  I have never safe worded.  The thought hasn’t even crossed my mind.

Last night, I wanted to cancel.  This morning, I don’t know what I want.  I feel like puking.

I think it is stress.  A lot is going on in my life and I have a vacation coming up.  I should be feeling good but instead, I am thinking about all I won’t get done.

I am always a little nervous when I see him but this time I feel really off.  I know it will be right in a few hours but until then, more time is wasting away and NOTHING is getting done.


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