Accepting Family

This weekend was a bit of crazy in a long few weeks of boredom.  I saw family I haven’t seen in years and spent time with that one family member everyone loves to hate… or hates to love.. or doesn’t want to know about…

We have a damn big family and most of the time I don’t know how we are related or even if.  This one family member is of a close enough relation that I can actually identify her on my family tree.  She is kind and puts in the time to fly to see me often.  She asks about my life and jokes about my lack of a boyfriend. But something has never been right about her.  She says the wrong thing at the wrong time and loudly.  She can’t see how her words hurt or her actions stick out.

As I’ve grown older, I have been able to accept her.  She doesn’t mean to hurt and her comments come from love.  She needs patience and sometimes a strong guide.  With my mind on love instead of perfection, I have been able to let her into my life.  I can smile as she wonders if I will die alone.  I can laugh as she belches at restaurants.  As this visit progressed, I watched people respond with acceptance, love, avoidance, and sometimes anger to her actions.

In a whirlwind of misguided comments and inappropriate behavior, watching others refuse to accept her hurt the most.  People who said they wanted to change the world, who are so religious it makes my head spin, or claim to love equally couldn’t see past her social flaws.

Honestly, it just makes me sad.  I thought I knew them.  I thought they were bigger.


One thought on “Accepting Family

  1. Often times the ones that you think forecast the most light… a true spirit.. are merely flickering flames never to fully shine…

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