My brain


I don’t think you want to get inside my head.  Domination is so much more to me than knowing my body.  Sometimes when I talk you speak over me.  I am not sure you remember to listen.  When I ask you questions, you answer honestly but don’t reciprocate.  You don’t ask your own.  You check in but it doesn’t seem sincere and you can’t read me well.  You haven’t asked me the big questions.  You haven’t noticed the pauses.

In not involving my brain, you are leaving out the part that turns me on the most.  I like your advances.  I love your body but, I need to be known on a deeper level.  You aren’t asking.  You aren’t demanding.  You don’t seem to care to know more.  I have a lot that I need to tell you.

If my brain isn’t a part of this, I am out.



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