New Experiences

I love new things.  I love learning about people and what makes them tick.  I love understanding ideas.

I learned about a fetish where people get off on sneezing from a VERY nice and attractive guy.  He asked me to sneeze for him.  I sniffed some black pepper and did so.  It was pretty chill and he was so patient.  I do not sneeze well on command but he was not rude at all.  I usually feel such pressure from men to either CUM or fake it.  I felt no pressure.  That might have been because I can’t fake a sneeze.

I had my first foot fetish guy too!  He was really nice.  He asked me to take off my ugly cracking toe nail polish.  (I was meaning to do that.)  Then he had me try on some shoes and some sandals.   What a relaxing way to earn money and I have to admit I have cute feet!

Then there are the men asking me to Dom for them.  I have always been submissive.  I am shy and scared to fuck up.  I don’t like being in charge.  It felt so scary at first.  It is much easier now.  Maybe I could even learn to like it.

Off to more fun on NiteFlirt!  Come visit!


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