How in the world do you deal with STD’s and dating?

I know this is a question that I should have dealt with in my teen years but I have NEVER asked for test results.  I have never asked a guy to go with me to a clinic.  We have used condoms but there is that day when trust overcomes the usage.  There is that day when you have been together for months and you trust him.  What if you were wrong?

I get tested regularly.  Most of the guys I date claim the same.  What if their “regular” is different than my “regular”?  Mine is once every couple of years.  That isn’t too good.  How will my getting tested help?

By that point I am fucked.

AND wearing a condom doesn’t cover it right?  Genital warts are on uncovered skin and incurable.  They can lead to cancer!

I never have him wear a condom during a blow job…

I am headed to the clinic TOMORROW!


5 thoughts on “STD’s

  1. Will do. It will be a couple of weeks. They insist on making me come in for results, and that was the earliest they could get to me. So just a bunch of pacing I will totally make it a point to let you know, though.

    Thanks so much! 😊😊

  2. I wrote out this great big long thing then I realized it could be offensive if I just posted it in here assuming you didn’t know very much about HPV… So I’ll ask… How much do you know about HPV? And would you be interested in hearing my thoughts on in while I wait for the results of a biopsy from a spot on my cervix that could be cancerous? 🙂

    1. I’d love more information as long as it’s respectfully presented. I love to learn!!

    2. Yay! All I wanted to say was that it seems like you’re saying you think genital warts can turn into cervical cancer. As far as I know, none of the stains of hpv which cause warts are associated with cervical cancer. So that’s an exceedingly remote possibility, in my opinion. 😊

      There are like… I don’t know… At least a hundred known stains if hpv. About 60 of those are associated with warts outside of the genital region. Of the remaining 40ish which are considered sexually transmitted, maybe a quarter of those are associated with with genital warts or cervical cancer (but not both). Of *those* like 90% of genital warts are caused by two stains, and 70% of hpv related cervical cancer is associated with two other stains. So you’re most at risk from four of a hundred stains of hpv.

      As you mentioned, there is no course of treatment for hpv but to have growths (of either type) surgically removed. But, unlike herpes, 98% of hpv infections are fought off by the body in two years. Also, it is estimated that 75% of all sexually active adults of reproductive age will contract hpv during their lives.

      I know all of this sounds scary but it really isn’t. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are exceptionally treatable, however, they are associated with sterility from prolonged exposure. Hpv has no such risk. Herpes does not go away even with treatment. Hpv does actually go away in time. And cervical cancer, of all he cancers, isn’t super aggressive and unlike every other cell in the human body, your cervix will regenerate if you have to have surgery to remove cancer. Cancer is always terrifying, but this perspect isn’t nearly as terrifying as it could be.

      I say this from the perspective of the woman waiting to hear if she has cancerous or precancerous cells on her cervix. So part of it is me reassuring myself, I’m sure. 😊

    3. WOW! Amazing Stats and information. I didn’t know most of that and really love all of the wonderful information. Please keep me posted on your results. I very much hope the best for you as you go through this. I am glad to see you have informed yourself so well. My experience with Cancer is that information can help a lot with fighting fear.

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