Starting Again

This time, I want to find everything that my last Master gave me with all of my vanilla needs met as well.  I want a husband and someone to father my kids.  I want a dominant who knows my body like his own.  I want someone who is dirty enough to make my insides squirm and thoughtful enough to take my kids to the park.  I want stability and dreams that take us all over the world.

Now the big question is, where do I look?  Do I start on a kinky site and weed through the men who’s kinks scare me and who are likely to push me way to far?   Do I start on a regular site and watch their eyes get big as I reveal who I am?  Do I try a munch and worry about not being into the lifestyle enough? Or do I date the vanilla way and calmly reveal my secrets as our trust grows?

Once again, I wish there were a road map to this crazy world!!


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