Is accepting money for sex ethical?

Today, I was defending sex workers in a conversation with some friends.  They didn’t know that I am in the sex industry.  I didn’t know that I cared what they thought. I have always believed that accepting money for sex is moral because there are some people who for whatever reason cannot get what they need.  They aren’t bad people.  They don’t deserve to be alone.  They deserve to get sex if they can.

I don’t know most of my customers.  Some are cheap jerks who just repeat phrases that I don’t really understand, “open chest baby” or “me hard want you sexy”.  I can easily justify getting paid to deal with their confusing, demeaning, and annoying banter.

But many of my customers are fun and some are becoming friends.  I look forward to talking to them.  I get wet from the things we do.   I almost feel bad taking their money.  It almost feels like it is unethical to take money when I know them so well.  It feels like maybe a pleasurable exchange should be free…

Is it ethical to take money from a sexual exchange?  Is it more or less ethical for one party to accept money when both are enjoying the act?


One thought on “Is accepting money for sex ethical?

  1. Is it really ever sex for money?

    All the world’s interactions are a power exchange. Yes I know that term is used a lot in the D/s world, but it applies to practically everything in life.

    Politicians/Constituents (Politicians get a feeling of power and service; Constituents hire people to solve tough, large problems), Company/Employee (the Company needs something done in the pursuit of a goal it wants to achieve; the Employee wants fulfilling work and a paycheck); Parent/Child (a Parent willingly gives power to a Child, hoping to prepare them for an independent, happy life), Husband/Wife (far too many interactions here to list, but all of them involve “you have something I want and I have something you want, let’s find a way to trade”).

    So is it ever about sex for money?

    Perhaps it is closest to that in the “cheap jerks” you mention. They want to see you (and hopefully dominate you) so that they can bring themselves a moment’s transient pleasure. I can imagine a lot of clients are stuck here because they don’t, or afraid to, invest in the girls on CB.

    But as for the “friends”, I’d suggest it’s never about sex for money. They’ve taken the time to get to know you, they show up regularly, they enjoy their time…and when you show you enjoy them, I think it moves to a whole new level.

    With friends, I think the time together is about people connecting with each other — sharing happiness and sharing joy.

    I have a theory….

    I think that if you said to your friends: This is something different for me now (use your submissive side and let yourself be the first to be vulnerable)…this isn’t about tokens any more…this is about the two of us really enjoying our time together.

    I think if you said that you’d have the fun, the happiness, the joy and then they would find that you still got the money. Not as an exchange — that’s already happened on a much deeper level — but because they are your friends and they have something that you need and they can help.

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