BDSM testing

When I first started this exploration, I took a test to put on fetlife that asked me questions about kinks and things that turned me on.  Being VERY new and having never tried anything, except in fantasies, I was curious to look at my comparative results when I retook it today.

Bondage 54%- Now 64%

Not just chains and ropes? No control? What is not to love?  I don’t need more ropes but I don’t need to be untied anytime soon either.

Masochist No score previously – Now 64%

I am not that surprised that my masochism percent went up.  I was afraid of pain but it has always been a part of my fantasies.  Now, I like some pain.  I know that the pain of anal is a part of why I like it.  I like being bit.  I love the fantasy of being hurt. I am not sure if I always enjoy it.  Pain hurts.

Experimental 100% – Now 68%
Exhibitionist / Voyeur 93% –Now 89%
Submissive 86%- Now 79%

I am not surprised that many of my percents went down.  I wanted to try everything and now I have tried many things.  I know what I like and I am pretty sure of the things that don’t interest me.  Although I am now comfortably kinky, I am not the most kinky person around.  There is still a ton to explore and I don’t need to be the most kinky.

Degradation 54%- No score appeared….

The real surprise here is what the heck happened to degradation? I was expecting to see a significant increase in this percent. I now know that degradation\humiliation turn me on a lot more than I would like to admit. I know that I like being called dirty things and more.  I am more in touch with this than I was a year ago and I still have further to go.  How could my percents go down as I learn that this is a significant part of my kink?

Crazy test…But I hope it is still around in 5 years!!


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