My Worth

I  now like my body.  I am proud of  how I look and even the parts that aren’t perfect.  I know that my looks hold power and that men want me.  Some are even willing to pay to spend time with me.  That feels good.

They don’t want my brains or my personality.  They are wiling to pay more for my body than I ever thought it was worth.  It makes me feel sexy and powerful.  It makes me feel valuable and special.

But does it diminish my worth when they won’t pay?  Does it decrease my value when I give my body to someone for free?

Just because people will pay doesn’t mean that I am worth less when they aren’t paying me.  Although men with money taught me that my body is beautiful, that doesn’t mean that I am ugly when the money isn’t there.


3 thoughts on “My Worth

  1. Your worth is priceless. The youth of your body is tantalizing, fresh, and ripe. And that attracts at the most physical and reptilian level. I’ve paid and will pay again with great pleasure. For without your unique personality and your own electronic frequency of pleasure, of pain, it would be remiss of me to pay for your time, for your outer beauty alone.

    1. Rick,

      Thank you so much for this beautiful note. It meant a lot to me! I hope to see you on CB again soon!


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