The first time, the pain was so sweet.  It hurt but it hurt in a way that made my insides scream.  It was not pain but something different.  It buzzed instead of stinging.

This last time, it HURT.  I wanted to move away.  I didn’t like it. The strokes felt really hard.  The caresses felt short.  I got annoyed with counting.  I wanted to safe word but I didn’t need to.  I wasn’t in a lot of pain. I just didn’t feel like it anymore.  I was tired and feeling bratty.   I just wanted to be cuddled.

For the last week, I have wondered about that night.  Do I not like pain anymore?  But as I was writing it all down, I think I realized what happened.  I was being bratty.  I was sleepy.  I had cum 5 times and I wanted to rest.

I think I like pain.  I think I like it a lot…


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