Visiting Vanilla-ville

In the last few weeks, everything has changed. I am no longer a one trick pony.  I can orgasm until the sun comes up.  I need a quick break.. or a bit more mental stimulation and I am back to begging and thrashing on the bed.

Now that I had leapt over the mental hurdle, I was ready to apply this back to my vanilla life.  “Don’t worry if you cum before he is finished,” I told myself.  “You can cum again.. and again.. and again..”

So I did.

But everything stalled.  The engine turned off.  I was ready for a nap.  It was time to cuddle.

I tried to restart but there was something missing… I don’t know what he had done.  Why couldn’t I get my brain there?

I guess I need more of that wonderful Dom therapy…


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