For years, I have adamantly told my lovers that I can’t have more than one orgasm. I have the most mind blowing orgasms. Afterwards, I want to curl up in a ball with bliss and exhaustion. There is no way I could do THAT again!

Then there was 2 in a row. I could justify that. I was living my fantasy. It wouldn’t happen again. A sexual miracle..

Then there was 9. They weren’t right after each other. But they didn’t need to be. He had blown my mind. Everything changed.

I could be made to cum until I passed out. I could be a slave without limits. With the right Master, I could do anything.


2 thoughts on “Multiples

  1. Mmm I love being able to have multiple orgasms!!!! I make a huge mess because I have a special ability to make a mess but Daddy likes it. I love it!!!! Every orgasm is better than the last and well it just feels sooooo good when He cums with me

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