50 shades of annoyance (Spoiler)

I have heard so much about 50 Shades of Grey.  It was a BIG seller and it is a mainstream novel about a woman being dominated.  Within 10 pages, I felt like the book knew me.  I too was learning about all this and I felt like a friend was walking beside me.

I was also excited to think that thousands of “vanilla” people had enjoyed this book that brought my deepest needs to the surface of our society.  Maybe people could accept what I hide so carefully.  Maybe we would have real discussions about women’s sexuality.

As the book ended, I watched my feelings of acceptance shrivel up as the Dom was told that his needs were not “vanilla” enough for her to stay in his life.  The clear message that I am too deviant to be loved was there.

I know that the book continues. Please don’t comment and tell me to read the next book.  Most of America didn’t read the next book.  They stopped where I just did.  They felt safe in the knowledge that Anastasia would find a sweet vanilla boy and leave this life.  It might as well have been a dream and we had learned, just like Ana, that kinky people are not to be messed with.  Society felt reassured in their prejudices and I hear the same message:

Deviance and love are just not possible.


2 thoughts on “50 shades of annoyance (Spoiler)

  1. I agree with you and did the same thing. If you truly love that person then you accept them as is…you don’t walk away saying its to much when you were warned in the beginning

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