So, I did something stupid recently.  It wasn’t meant to be hurtful but my friend was scared by it and that really sucked.  I felt horrible.  She wanted to hit me.  She probably thought about killing me and I wanted to cry.

More recently, a dom asked me to do something and I forgot.  It was probably the fourth time and his patience had run out.  I was told to do it repeatedly and was not remembering.  He was pissed and I felt pretty guilty.  I was sending a message that I didn’t care.  He asked me if I thought I should be punished.  I told him that he could punish me if he wanted…

I was nervous.  I was shaking as he had me strip.  I knew he was mad and it would hurt.  I was surprised when he looked at my pussy.  I was dripping but still afraid.  There were clamps and a belt.  I wanted to say stop and I wanted to tell him no, but punishment was supposed to hurt right?  It hurt.  But right when I didn’t think I could take anymore, it was over.  I felt like I had paid for my error.  He said he forgave me and I didn’t feel bad anymore.

Who would have though punishment could feel good.  If only punishment were a part of all my relationships…


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