I’ve never had many sex toys.  I always found the idea a bit over complicated.  How would I know which dildo size fit me right?  Do I want it to curve up towards a g-spot that I have never really found?  How do I feel about a tiny blue dolphin liking my clit? Would white look used right away?

There was a time that I bought a vibrator… As you may remember, the experience was NOT pleasurable.  The burns helped me to value my fingers and I didn’t look back for years.

When a little help from my Chaturbate friends, I have a new collection.  Have you seen it?  You wouldn’t believe how proud I am!!  I have clamps, dildos, and eggs.  I even have some things that I can’t identify!  Most importantly, nothing has burned me and they fit perfectly.  The dildos feel like they are made of some crazy soft plastic and the nipple clamps make my brain swim.

I guess you can improve on something wonderful…. what should my next toy be?


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