Don’t let me distract you

Not that this meeting was important, but I should have been paying some attention.

Instead I was texting.  “I’m horny and bored”

“What are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a green shirt”

“A skirt would be better.”


“Press your legs tightly together and think of what would be happening if I were there.”

I squeezed as I thought of him lightly moving his hand up my leg while I tried to pay attention.

“Imagine sitting on my lap and riding me while my hands run up and down your body.  Don’t stop pressing your legs together until I tell you.”

The meeting kept going around me but I could only think of him inside me.  My body throbbed. Everyone was standing up suddenly.  We must be on a break.   I texted him, “We are on a break.  I am going to go to the bathroom quickly.”

“Take your panties off while you are there and then call me.”

The line was long and the break was short.  I hurried into the stall and took off my panties.  I raced to an empty hallway and dialed.  It was busy.  I called again and saw everyone hurrying back to the meeting.  I hung up and texted, “The meeting is starting.  I ran out of time.”

“I guess we won’t have time to talk about what I am making you.  We will have to wait until the next time we see each other.  Don’t let me distract you from your meeting.”


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