You decide

I spent 7 hours last night in a sex chat called show for stars.  It was SO much fun!  In the past, there have been a lot of rude or deceitful guys.  Last night, everyone seemed to know me and want what I wanted.  People were kind, dominating, funny, and I left feeling wonderful.  I am still a bit high on all of it.  It restored my faith in the kindness of people, my love for my body, and my lust for being dominated.

This morning, I was still reeling from the wonderful night as I tried to go about some house cleaning.  I stumbled back into showforstars and noticed an adult wish list.  Am I the only one that gets side tracked by their kinky brain?  Next thing I know, I had picked out all of the fun things that I would like to model.  I picked out slutty clothes that don’t fit the budget, fun dress up outfits to show off online, a remote controlled vibrator, a dildo (since guys on line keep asking me to use one), some clamps, some cute leggings, and so much more..

I might be quickly sliding into a life of debauchery.. or this might be normal for a girl learning about kink. Do I need to slow down?  How will I ever get any work done with my kinky brain on overdrive?


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