The next time we played, I planned to talk with him about my g-spot and push myself further to see if pushing past the pee feeling was like you all said.  The night started weird though.  I was in a mood when I arrived and so was he.  Both of our moods got worse.  He seemed to be ignoring me.  Exploring my submission and being so open with him has left me feeling pretty insecure.  I needed his comfort and reassurance and his mind seemed elsewhere.  He readily admitted that he had a lot on his mind.  He wasn’t rude but something about all of this makes me feel more fragile.  My eyes started to tear over at the dumbest things..

We ended up playing that night.  He was compassionate.  He was dominating but in a different way.  It felt amazing.  The end of the night is harder to explain.  He obviously needed my reassurance and I didn’t know how to give it.  He seemed sad, I didn’t know what to say, and I still don’t…

It’s times like these that remind me, I love being submissive because I never have to wonder what to do or say.  Someone guides me…


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