A night of submission

I decided to try it out one more time with my teacher… Maybe I am vanilla after all. The last night sure left me confused. I went over to his house again but this time to spar in the backyard. We spared for an hour and then went to dinner. It was fun. I was nervous still but not in the same way. After dinner we sat and talked. We talked about everything. I told him what I had liked. He asked what I hadn’t. We talked about the pain and he said he would try a bit lighter. I apologized for not having spoken up sooner.

Then.. we played…

He told me to strip for him. He told me to slowly pull down my pants and then do it again as I blushed red hot. He made me do it slower, then with more squirming. I tried to get on his lap to end it and he made me do it again and again. When he finally let me stop, I was dripping.

He held me close without touching me and made me tell him about everything I had liked the time we had played before. He made me tell him about how much I liked being ordered to hold my hips up high. Then he told me not to move. I stayed naked and exposed while he went to the kitchen. I heard the ice machine and squirmed. He knew this was on my bucket list. He commented on how he couldn’t believe I had never played with ice. He started on my nipples. I squirmed with the cold. It went lower, then slowly slipped inside me. I cried out that it was too cold and his tongue soothed me. The couch was wet when I finally stopped squirming.

Whew.. there is so much more to tell but I am getting too horny thinking of it… maybe on Sunday I will see him again!!


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