Am I submissive?

I had my first experience being really dominated.  Some of it blew my mind.  Some of it made me a little nervous.  Overall, I am confused again…

It hurt: I thought that I liked pain.  I have liked biting and the bit of pain from anal.  I have liked having my hands held too tight.  I liked having my hair pulled.  I didn’t like this pain.  He fingered harder, pulled my hair harder, and probably would have bit harder but I asked him not to leave marks.  Am I wrong about this whole thing?  Maybe I like the idea of pain and not the feeling..

I love being told what to do: When he told me I had to beg to blow him, my mind practically exploded.  When he demanded that I raise my hips or told me to roll over… whew… I love following orders..

My G spot seems to make me want to pee: Was that my g-spot?  Every time he hit it, I wanted to pee.  I felt like he was massaging my bladder.  I always thought mine wasn’t there.. But it felt kind of good.. then I wanted to pee really bad.  That didn’t feel good.

Guess I have more to learn…


2 thoughts on “Am I submissive?

  1. I second what elle said – you were feeling the urge to squirt. It may take practice but if you allow yourself to push into that urge to pee, the sense of release is pretty wonderful. Make sure you’ve got towels down.

    I had similar experiences to yours with a former dominant. Communication is essential. I had to tell him that he was being too rough (how was he to know?) and then he modified his intensity for me. It took three play sessions of me consistently telling him to ease back before it got to a level I enjoyed.

    As submissives, we would love it if our dominant simply knew what we liked and acted on it, but that’s a fairy tale. Do talk to him about your needs OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM. Kayla at wrote a really excellent post on this topic – communication with your D.

  2. Sounds like quite a time. First, you can so very much be a submissive without being a masochist. You liked the orders and that says a lot, but pain needs build up to release each endorphin load and before you can go to each level of pain. There is a process. Was this an experienced dominate? And yes, that was indeed your G-spot. That wanting to pee sensation was the squirt build up, which also come out of the urethra. It’s not pee and if you allow yourself to release, it’s a mind-blowing orgasm.

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