I am sick of thinking of negative things.  I don’t have time or energy to waste on the negative.

That means that I don’t want to hear negative news stories that make me afraid, angry, or resentful.  I know that I need to keep informed.  I will listen to radio stations that present their politics in a neutral way.  Most coverage is too angry for me these days.  Too many politicians out to attack, Newscasters working to create fear, and people driven by negative emotions.

I recognize that there are negative points in our lives.  I understand how important it is to stay informed.  I am thankful for those who share in a way that allows me to understand and connect without feeling sad or negative for the rest of my day.


One thought on “Positive

  1. I hear ya! I turned off the TV last year and am so much better for it. I get my news now mostly by reading. Politicians and newscasters are sensationalistic and out for themselves.

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