We had an excuse

One of my good friends, Eric, came to visit this weekend.  I’ve known him since I was born.  I remember the day we got caught naked together at 7… and fought like hell at 12… We have always been similar.  We’re stubborn, deep thinkers, with rebellious sides.

We didn’t speak through most of our childhood.. we had a mutual hate that kept things simple.  In our teens, we found ourselves in the same vacation town.   Something about his history meant he understood me.  He isn’t bothered by where I’ve been or the scars I wear.  He understands my fears.  He laughs at my dumb choices but doesn’t judge.  He has done things I dreamed of.  He challenged everything and came out stronger.  He’s become the kind of person I would love to be.

There’s always been a bit of sexual tension.  There was only one bed, so it was natural to share and chilly enough to cuddle.  We didn’t have swimsuits, so we had to skinny dip.  We always had an excuse.  We know each other too well.


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