My Kinky Bucket List- updated

  1. Places to play or have sex
    1. In an elevator without pressing stop
    2. At a populated movie theater
    3. Under the table at a restaurant
    4. With others watching
    5. On a plane
    6. On the beach
    7. In a deserted alley at night
    8. In front of an audience
    9. With people around without them knowing
  2. Acts
    1. Anal
    2. A threesome (MMF)
    3. Group sex
    4. Sex without knowing his name
    5. Sex without seeing his face
    6. Used by multiple people
    7. Have pictures taken
    8.  Be video taped
    9. Give under the desk oral sex
    10. Played with for hours and not allowed to cum
    11. Scene in front of others
    12. Perform a strip tease for a man
    13. Strip pole dance for an audience
    14. Masturbating for him while he gets off
    15. Receive an over the knee spanking
    16. Perform on cam with another girl
    17. Perform on cam with a guY
    18. Have naked pictures taken alone
  3. Learn
    1. To have multiple orgasms
    2. To cum on command
    3. To milk a man
    4. To orgasm from G-spot stimulation
    5. To do a strip tease
    6. To enjoy anal sex
    7. Attend a sex related class or workshop
    8. Attend a sex conference
  4. Use
    1. Blindfolds
    2. Ice
    3. Wax
    4. A remote controlled vibrator while in public
    5. Butt plug (not sure)
    6. Ben wa balls (not sure)
    7. Nipple clamps in public
  5. Have bruises or marks the next day
  6. Role play forced sex with resistance
  7. Have protocols or a contract for some period of time

5 thoughts on “My Kinky Bucket List- updated

  1. That’s an awesome list! I’ve done a few of those things already but quite a few are still on the list that I want to do myself.

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