Less Resistant

As my body gets denied more, I am less resistant to acts that used to scare me.

One of those acts is anal.  As he lightly plays, I can feel my curious little brain pushing back to see what just a little farther will feel like.  I can feel how well he works my clit so that I thrust in the right way.  I can feel how attentive he is to my orgasm.  I can tell he is playing on the edge.

I can also feel him stop while I want more.  I bite my lip reminding myself to not fight him.  Reminding myself that I don’t want him to give in.  I roll to my side and smother him in kisses as I thank him for denying me.

Someday we will be strong enough for me to beg, to plead, to fight.  But not tonight.  For now, I need to bite my lip.


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