drinking games

I suck at communication.  I have always been resistant to talking about feelings and I just don’t like talking about sex.  I  am ready for the day that a dominant will read my mind through some mild meld or device instead of needing to talk.

But if I’m bad at talking, you should meet Bill.  He is the typical man who does not see any reason for talking.  He used to fight it.  He used to refuse. He isn’t as resistant anymore but he is sure working in his own time.

This weekend, we made up a new drinking game that helped us both get more comfortable and learn about each other.  We played “Would you Rather” and then tried to guess what the other would say.  There was so much I thought I knew about his likes and dislikes that I was drunk quickly and we were both having a heart to heart.

Who says alcohol doesn’t bring people together?


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