This past month, I once again fell into a trap I know all too well.  I stopped engaging with the world.

I hate to admit that I spent all of my time at work or thinking about the Ds life.  The problem with putting all of my energy into work and BDSM is that when the bottom fell out of both, I forgot who I was.

Everything in the world ebbs and flows.  So does my work life and my confidence in myself as a submissive.  Sadly, both hit difficulties at the same time and I momentarily forgot who I was.  I’ve already described how that feels..

As the world pulled me out of my funk and into volunteering again, reason set in.  I am not my job.  I am not my submission.

I know that I am a good person.  I know that I excel at my work and that my journey as a submissive is my own for no one else to judge.  I am also a volunteer, a damn good friend, an athlete, and all the other crazy parts of my personality.

I am thankful that the world helped me to see out of my self induced box.


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