Yes, I bleed.

What PMS really means!
(Photo credit: SurFeRGiRL30)

The following is an opinion.  An opinion is an idea held by one person that may or may not agree with you.  Please discontinue reading if you are uncomfortable hearing about different viewpoints.

Yes, my period is coming this week.  My mood might be slightly different and my boobs hurt like hell but you will not hear me say that.  I HATE when women use PMS as an excuse for bad behavior.  How is it helpful to claim PMS at fault every time you bitch someone out?  It doesn’t help you learn to control yourself, it doesn’t make the person you are bitching at feel better, and you will still have PMS next month.

How about instead of blaming our bodies for our moods, we work hard to do our best with what we are given without making excuses?

Either control it or seek medical help but don’t think you are special just because you bleed monthly….


3 thoughts on “Yes, I bleed.

  1. Thanks for the pingback. I have always been a moody cow regardless of time of month but it was’nt until the past few months that my doctor began linking PMS with my mood swings. My hubby and kids have very jokingly called psycho week, were I am very likely to cry a lot, lose my temper at silly things and have been known to launch things across the room. I have described it to my psycharisitrist as a monster inside me who the rest of the month makes me depressed but during ‘psycho’ week the monster wants me dead. Does that make sense?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I pinged your blog because I think you are a good example of someone being mature enough to get medical help for a legitimate problem. I am glad to see you have sought help and support. You are a wonderful example to other women in your situation.

    2. Thanks, you would probably enjoy my page on facebook then.. Mental Health Matters’. xx

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